GREYHOUND! 5 Incredible Facts About GREYHOUND


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Fact 1 You may be surprised to know that the Greyhounds have 18 recognised coat colours which can lead to a vast amount of possible colour combinations. The main colours include blue, fawn, white, brindle and black just to name a few. Due to its wealth of colour options the greyhound is a breed of multiple colour combinations, some of the more common combinations include blue brindle, dark brindle, black and white, light brindle, white and brindle ticked and black brindle. Grey greyhounds are now the least common colour, this is because it was once thought that grey dogs ran slower so the colour was bred less and less.  Fact 2 Moving on to what the greyhound is most know for, its speed. The greyhound is so fast that when it runs it spends 75% of their time in the air. They are also the fastest dog in the canine kingdom, they can run at a whopping speed of 45mph and reach this speed in as little as three strides. It is very important that when letting your greyhound off they have a perfect recall, if not you will never catch them.  Fact 3 Greyhounds are a quirky breed and it is known that some greyhounds sleep with their eyes open and also physically unable to sit down. This is because they have extremely tight muscles in their back legs, these can sometime be difficult to stretch to a sitting position. If your greyhound can sit it is wise to not allow them to sit for long periods of time as this can cause them discomfort.  Fact 4 Not only do greyhounds have a heart of gold but they literally have the biggest heart in the canine kingdom, they also have significantly more red blood cells then any other breed too. The purpose of this is to help blood pump round their bodies quicker which is why they are able to run so fast. Greyhounds also have a universal blood type, this means they can be blood donors for any type of breed. They also have a higher body temperature than any other breed.  Fact 5 Finally did you know that greyhounds have a 270 degree vision, this means that they can see objects in their peripheral vision that are almost directly behind them. They also have stereoscopic vision, which means they can see moving objects extremely clearly.  Wrap up This incredible breed is full of surprising facts. They are an exceptionally fast yet friendly breed that will make an excellent family companion not just a racing dog, however they will certainly keep you fit and active.

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