TOP 10 THERAPY DOGS. Which Breed Will Come Out Top?


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Number 10 – The German Shepherd Given the extreme versatility of this breed, finding it on today’s list should not come as a surprise to you: Our number 10 spot belongs to no other breed than the amazing German Shepherd. Apart from being a very capable police- and guard dog, this canine multi-talent also makes an outstanding therapy dog. Gifted with an immense eagerness to please, and a stunning ability to adapt to just about any situation, this highly intelligent dog excels in therapy roles.  Number 9 – The Saint Bernard Bred to save people’s lives in the treacherous Alps of Switzerland, the Saint Bernard is a breed exceptionally well-suited for therapy roles: Calm, mellow and very patient, these gentle giants have a great love for humans. As they are particularly kind and affectionate to children, these shaggy mountain dogs are a perfect for jobs like visiting children’s hospitals, orphanages or schools for special needs children. Number 8 – The Newfoundland Everything we just said about the Saint Bernard also applies for the massive, Mastiff-like Newfoundland: This breed was developed for the purpose of retrieving fishing nets – and drowning humans – from the freezing cold ocean off the shore of Newfoundland. Famous for their love for children of all ages, Newfoundlands are the ultimate therapy dogs for young humans.  Number 7 – The Cane Corso And at number 7 on our list of the TOP 10 therapy dog breeds, we have an Italian breed that many people would not associate with the term “therapy dog”: This majestic protector does look intimidating to most people, and is known as an extremely effective guard dog. But as owners of the wonderful Cane Corso can attest, these dogs are unparalleled in the canine kingdom when it comes to being emotionally supportive: They are very sensitive to people’s feelings and make absolutely amazing therapy dogs. Many Corsos have completed specific training programs for such a role, and now regularly visit schools, hospitals and orphanages.  Number 6 – The Pug Our number 6 spot goes to a charming companion dog breed that practically exudes charm and joy: The Pug is small dog with a large enough heart to not only embrace its own family, but also just about everyone else it meets. A notorious people-dog, this snub-faced little fellow seems to have one mission in life – and that is to make humans smile. Indeed, it would be quite hard for any human target of a pug’s loving “assault” to not be moved by the little dogs joy and cheer.  Number 5 – The Pomeranian On our number 5 spot, we have a fluffy fur ball whose charm and zest for life is quite irresistible - the Pomeranian. Smart, agile and absolutely adorable to look at, Pomeranians make perfect companion dogs – which is why they have become quite popular Celebrity-pets. These toy-sized dogs of the Spitz-type come with lots of personality and are always eager to make new human friends. Combined with their innate curiosity, this friendly and cheerful nature makes them well-suited to the role of a therapy dog.   Number 4 – The French Bulldog On our number 4 spot, we have another breed that has won the hearts of people from all walks of life - Hollywood stars and other celebrities included. The famous French Bulldog is quite an amazing breed, and certainly a very special one: Smart, quirky and full of mischief, these dogs have an uncanny ability to make people smile. It takes about one look out of the Frenchie’s large round eyes, and even hardened men melt like butter. As Frenchies love people with a passion – strangers included - they make amazing therapy dogs.    Number 3 – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel And here we are, at the TOP 3 positions on our list of the TOP 10 therapy dog breeds in the world. The Bronze Medal goes to a dog named after a King: The beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an immensely even-tempered and sweet toy breed. With their long, silky coats and their large, round and soulful eyes, they are quite irresistible. Affectionate and gentle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love to meet new people. Smart, gentle and eager to please, the Cavalier King Charles makes a quite wonderful therapy dog. Number 2 – The Golden Retriever And right here on the Silver Medal spot, we have the beautiful Golden Retriever. Extremely social and friendly towards people, these dogs make marvellous family companions – and therapy dogs. It is next to impossible to resist a Golden Retriever’s cheerful outlook on life: Happy-go-lucky and always enthusiastic about meeting and greeting humans, this breed’s joyful nature is quite infectious. Which of course makes them the perfect canine companions for people suffering from anxiety, loneliness or depression.  Number 1 – The Labrador Retriever Very similar to the Golden Retriever, the Labrador is an absolute sweetheart of a dog and an expert for bringing joy and happiness to the lives of humans. And there could be no better candidate for our Gold Medal Spot than this immensely kind, patient and affectionate dog. Being extremely social, Labradors thrive in the company of people, which is why they are so superbly suited for visits to schools or nursing homes. Ranked by the American Kennel Club as the most popular breed in the United States, Labradors are also regarded as best therapy dog breeds on the planet. 

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