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Exclusively for the first
100 owners who step up to the challenge!



And if your dog is guilty of all 3? It can turn what should be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of your life, owning and training a dog, into one of the biggest nightmares you’ll ever face!

Not being able to walk your dog for fear of embarrassment at not being able to control your dog or pain from being dragged down the street

Feeling trapped not being able to let your dog off the leash and enjoy themselves for fear of never getting them back

Worrying every time you have to leave your dog alone in the house for fear of what they might destroy or disturbing the neighbours


Owning and training a dog should be one of life’s true joys. You should enrich each other’s lives and make each other happier.

Instead of facing all those massive headaches every day you could…

Enjoy walking your dog and have it be the highlight of your day, feeling connected and in tune with your canine companion

Have the freedom to go anywhere and let your dog just be a dog, running and playing off leash safe knowing you can call them back at any time

Never worry about leaving your dog at home again and have your dog look forward to being left instead of dreading it!


The 7 Day Dream Dog Challenge includes:

Usually $497 / £447

Usually $497 / £447

Usually $497 / £447

Meaning that usually this would cost $1,491 / £1,341!

But for December only, the first 100 dog owners to step up to the challenge can get it for just:

$497 / £447!

I’m in!

You don’t have to accept being unhappy.
You can turn things around.


We even offer Payment Plans via Klarna or PayPal so there’s really no excuse not to start today!



is one of the world’s leading canine behaviourists, having helped millions of dog owners in pursuit of his goal to help keep dogs out of shelters and off the euthanasia table.

Over 500,000 Subscribers
Over 50 million views
Over 100k followers
Best selling author
Over 600,000 people have taken his courses and improved their lives with their dog

Let’s take a closer look at what you get with this challenge:

7 Days to Perfect Heel Walking:

• Put a stop to your dog pulling on the leash in just 7 days - no more sore arm or dreading your daily walks

• Follow along with Will as he trains a dog to heel in a week and easily replicate the process with your own dog

• Learn the exact process to follow to make your dog want to walk to heel and be happy doing so!

• Solutions to all the common pitfalls that stop dog owners succeeding to guarantee you achieve loose leash heel walking

BONUS 1: Get the 7 Day Dream Heel Walking Cheat Sheet

✓ Download, print and track your progress on this handy cheat sheet
✓ Breaks down step-by-step the process to perfect heel walking
✓ Quickly refer to the day’s tasks and get it done!

7 Days to Perfect Recall:

• Make coming back to your the best thing in the world by following this 7 day process

• No more ignoring you! Your dog will rush back whenever you call after following this course

• Train alongside Will as he teaches a rescue dog recall from scratch, including how to build up the distraction level to make it as foolproof as possible

BONUS 2: Get the Ultimate Guide To Recall Distraction Tiers

✓ Easily improve your recall in the right way by building up your distraction tiers
✓ Follow this simple guide for advice on distance, duration and distraction

7 Days to Create Training

• Welcome to the secret solution to 90% of problems owners face with their dogs!

• Give your dog the gift of a safe space where they can relax and be completely stress free

• Crates provide dogs with den-like spaces where they can escape the stresses of the human world, we simply have to introduce them in the right way!

• Following this 7 day programme your dog will come to love their crate and will soon be volunteering to spend all their time there

• Successful crate training prevents destructive behaviour - no more chewed up slippers or torn up carpets

• Prevent separation anxiety, barking or crying - your dog will be happy to be left in their safe space instead of becoming distressed when you leave

BONUS 3: Get the Fenrir Anxiety Reliever Course

✓ 10 soundscapes specifically designed to calm and soothe your dog
✓ Perfect for supplementing your crate training and reinforcing the crate as a calm, safe space

Typically all this would cost over $1500!

But we want to inspire you to take up the challenge and change your life!

So for a limited time only you can get all of this for only:

$497 / £447!

That’s a massive 66% + discount!

And not only that, but to make it even easier to start today and get your dream dog you can also use Klarna or Paypal to spread the cost with a payment plan!

No matter how you purchase, you will have lifetime access to everything in the 7 day dream dog challenge. That’s all 3 7 Day courses, the anxiety reliever and your downloadable bonuses.


How does it work?

When you sign up for the Dream Dog Challenge you'll receive access to our 7 Days to Perfect Heel Walking, 7 Days to Perfect Recall and 7 Days to Perfect Crate Training Courses. You'll then be able to follow along with all 3 courses online and address the problems you have been facing with your dog, solving them in just 7 days!

Who is it for?

The challenge is open to all dog owners but it is most suited to dogs over 6 months old who are displaying problem behaviours like pulling on the leash, not coming back when called or excessive barking or destructive behaviour in the home.

What if I don’t like the course?

You'll have 30 days to make sure the course is right for you and if you don't see any improvement with your dog after that time you can email and we will send your money back no questions asked.

Will it work for me?

The simple answer is, yes! The longer answer is this will work for any dog owner that commits to the challenge and follows each course and Will's instructions. You can solve whatever problem you are facing! You just have to commit to the training.

What does it help with?

The Dream Dog Challenge is designed to help with the most common problems owners face with adult dogs, including: leash pulling, reactivity on leash, poor recall, ignoring you when called, destructive behaviour in the home, excessive barking, separation anxiety and more!

Can I pay in XXX currency?

Yes! Our store will automatically detect your location and offer you to checkout in the best currency for you. You can also manually select your location at checkout.

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