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Welcome to our easy to follow, four week programme to help you work on your leadership, build on your relationship and better communicate with your dog. This intensive course has been created to outline the boundaries and expectations for your household and provide firm foundations to progress with further training or behaviour solving.

Breed Suitability: All

Age Suitability: Over 6 Months

Equipment Needed: No specifics required but we recommend utilising a slip lead, crate and mental stimulation toys as part of the programme.

This course is ideal for all dog owners and will guide you through the four weeks of the programme, at each step detailing how and WHY you should be working with your dog. 

Our online, video based programme includes:

  • Obedience Training: Working on what we deem to be the key elements of a well-trained dog - sit, stay, heel and break. 
  • Exercise: We provide generalised guidance for exercise for the four weeks. This should be increased or decreased appropriately based on the breed of your dog and/or their age. 
  • Crate Training: At Fenrir, we advocate for crate training where possible as it helps you to enforce boundaries and discourages destructive or disruptive behaviours. Alternatives such as a pen or closed off area are fine too. 
  • Structured Free-Time: Even your dog’s free time is scheduled during these four weeks to ensure that they’re well-rested and learn to settle within the home. 

Thanks for checking out our course. We really believe it is the absolute best way to become a calm, consistent leader who can raise your perfect canine companion. If you want to fix problem behaviours and forge your bond of leadership, be sure to enrol today and get started now!

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Canine Boot Camp
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