Fenrir Canine Anxiety Reliever

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Welcome to our easy to use, 10 day anxiety relieving programme for your dog. We understand the stress and unease that separation anxiety can bring, leaving you unable or willing to leave the home knowing your pet will be destructive or distressed. Our Canine Anxiety Reliever uses a video based socialisation approach to provide comfort and company for your dog whilst you are out of the house.

Breed Suitability: All

Age Suitability: All

Equipment Needed: TV or Screen

Whether you have an older dog or a puppy, this 10-day programme of video based socialisation will help to relieve the stress and fear of being left alone. Combined with further relationship building and the use of mental stimulation toys to offer things to do, the course will gently encourage your dog to get used to being separated from you for periods of time.

Here’s what to expect:

  • 50 Hours: 5 hours per day of video based socialisation
  • Soothing and Household Sounds: Each day utilises soothing or household sounds in a loop throughout the 5 hours to bring familiarity and comfort to your pet.
  • A Relaxed, Calm Environment: Using just your TV or computer screen, provide your pet with a more relaxed, calm demeanor around the home.

Thanks for checking out our course. We really believe it is a great reliever of anxiety for your pet and provides you the confidence to leave them alone, in the knowledge that they won’t be unhappy whilst you’re gone. If this sounds like you, enroll today.

Fenrir Canine Anxiety Reliever
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