Fenrir Ragnar Slip Leash Black


Brand: Fenrir Canine Products


  • EXPERT APPROVED - Designed by world renown canine behaviourist William Atherton to be the ultimate slip leash. Every product sold at Fenrir is designed and tested by our lead canine behaviourist to maximise functionality, comfort and style
  • ADJUSTABLE SLIP LEASH - This fully adjustable slip leash to be a leash is convenient for outdoor dog training and walking. With a faux leather slide and metal slide that adjusts the collar to any size, give your active dogs a quick yet gentle correction.
  • STYLE - Comes in stylish matte black colour with branded Fenrir logo
  • STRONG - This leash is incredibly strong and suited to all sizes of canine. Its woven rope style means that it is strong yet comfortable to hold
  • EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY - As with every single product we sell the Ragnar range slip leash is included in our Fenrir “Every dog has its day” promise, meaning that for every purchase you make we make the commitment to feed another shelter dog for a day.