Mini Odin Collar


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 We set out to make the strongest, most reliable and stylish dog collar in the world for puppies of large breeds or small to medium adult breeds, and we're proud to bring you the Mini Odin Collar. 

Size Guide: (Dogs neck circumference in inches)

Our Mini Odin Collar is 1 size and adjustable with industry leading metal tri-glide sliders that are easy to use yet incredibly reliable and give the collar a range of between 12.5" and 20".


Collars are only as strong as their weakest part, we set out to strip everything back and use only the worlds strongest and most reliable products and remove all failure points.

The first common failure point is the buckle. In the Mini Odin Collar we use the 25mm AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle, the strongest buckle from the leading company on the planet. These buckles are renowned around the world from elite climbers to military spec-ops due to their extreme reliabilty, durability and breaking load tensile strength of 18 KiloNewtons, or over 4000 pounds whilst remaining light weight, small and easy to use! 

The second common failure point is the D-ring that attaches your leash to your collar, we found the strongest metal D-ring possible to ensure your connection between your lead and your collar remains secure at all times.

The third common failure point is the collar material, we wanted a thin, light weight and stylish collar that was comfortable for the dog yet extremely durable and we found MMI Milspec Webbing, the best in the world with stunning patterns and a break strength of over 2200 pounds!