Mini Odin Collar

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The Fenrir Mini Odin Collar is the ultimate dog collar for your puppy or smaller dog. Incredibly durable and designed to last, this collar is specifically designed for active canine leaders and their companions.

Please note, this product requires an Odin Leash or Odin Bungee Leash due to the Odin Quick-Release Buckle System.

We have used the most extreme military-grade webbing to ensure it is reliable, robust and hard-wearing. Knowing that your canine companion is safe and under control at all times, you can explore the world to the fullest.

Despite its strength, the Odin Collar remains sleek and lightweight, combining comfort with safety so it can be worn on even the most extreme adventures. 

Featuring the innovative Odin Quick-Release Buckle System, both the buckles and the lead connection points of all Odin products are manufactured to seamlessly fit into one another. This system gives our tools extreme strength and security. At the same time, the Odin Quick-Release Buckle System provides maximum flexibility. Clipping and unclipping the leashes into their connection points is swift and easy. 

Key Features:

  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY - Featuring the finest military-grade materials, the Mini Odin Collar is as strong as Odin himself and designed to last 
  • MAXIMUM SECURITY - Designed to keep your puppy or smaller dog safe, you can relax knowing they are secure and under control
  • EXPERT APPROVED - Designed by world renowned canine behaviourist William Atherton to be the ultimate dog collar. Every product sold at Fenrir is designed and tested by our lead canine behaviourist to maximise functionality, comfort and style
  • QUICK-RELEASE - The innovative buckle system combines strength and security with flexibility and ease-of-use. Utilising heavy-duty metal buckles, all items from the Odin Range quickly slot into each other, locking tight in an instant
  • FOR EVERY ADVENTURE - Lightweight, sleek and comfortable, the Mini Odin Collar can join you on every adventure, giving you the freedom to roam

Please note, this product requires an Odin Leash or Odin Bungee Leash due to the Odin Quick-Release Buckle System.

Mini Odin Collar
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