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The Fenrir Odin Bungee Leash will let you enjoy your walks again! Ideal for sports like running, biking or pulling sports - or just for adventures with your dog. The heavy-duty bungee will take the stress out of any sudden impacts, giving extreme comfort for both you and your canine companion.

Please note, this product requires an Odin Collar or Odin Harness due to the Odin Quick-Release Buckle System.

It's the perfect tool for exercising your dog and ensuring they don't hurt themselves, or you, if they are prone to getting excited. Offering you increased flexibility, it's excellent for on-leash training such as teaching place commands. With the Odin Bungee Leash you'll have incredible levels of finesse during training sessions to vary your pressure level and guide your dog with minimal amounts of leash pressure. 

Incredibly durable and designed to last, this dog leash is specifically designed for active canine leaders and their companions.

Featuring the innovative Odin Quick-Release Buckle System, both the buckles and the lead connection points of all Odin products are manufactured to seamlessly fit into one another. This system gives our tools extreme strength and security. At the same time, the Odin Quick-Release Buckle System provides maximum flexibility. Clipping and unclipping the leashes into their connection points is swift and easy. 

Key Features:

  • GET ACTIVE - The ideal leash for sport or adventure, protecting both you and your dog
  • MASTER ON-LEASH TRAINING - Enjoy maximum levels of finesse with your leash pressure
  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY - Featuring the finest military-grade materials, the Odin Bungee Leash is as strong as Odin himself and designed to last 
  • MAXIMUM SECURITY - Strong enough to withstand even the most powerful guardian breed, and featuring a high-strength traffic handle for maximum control
  • EXPERT APPROVED - Designed by world renowned canine behaviourist William Atherton to be the ultimate dog harness. Every product sold at Fenrir is designed and tested by our lead canine behaviourist to maximise functionality, comfort and style
  • QUICK-RELEASE - The innovative buckle system combines strength and security with flexibility and ease-of-use. Utilising a heavy-duty metal buckle, all items from the Odin Range quickly slot into each other, locking tight in an instant
  • FOR EVERY ADVENTURE - Lightweight, sleek and compact, the Odin Bungee Leash can join you on every adventure, giving you the freedom to roam

Please note, this product requires an Odin Collar or Odin Harness due to the Odin Quick-Release Buckle System.

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