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Fenrir Canine Leaders Ragnar Orange Dog Leash
Fenrir Canine Leaders Ragnar Orange Dog Leash
Fenrir Canine Leaders Ragnar Orange Dog Leash
Fenrir Canine Leaders Ragnar Orange Dog Leash

Ragnar Orange Dog Leash

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The Ragnar Leash is the perfect dog leash for everyday use!

This dog leash was designed with your dogs happiness and comfort in mind. Every element of this leash has been crafted for your dog. This leash features an incredibly strong, durable woven rope design for the peace of mind that it will never break or snap. The design also includes a generous flex to provide your dog with a comfortable experience. You'll know your dog is safe and secure every day with the locking metal carabiner clip preventing any accidents.


This dog leash has been designed with you in mind as well! It features a comfortable handle and the swivelling carabiner clip allows you to maintain control without the leash becoming tangled. It comes in a stylish matte black with a prominent feature of the Fenrir logo. Both you and your dog can master the everyday in style with this dog leash!

Complete the look with the Ragnar Collar and Ragnar Harness for a truly versatile solution to every day.


Key Features:

  • LENGTH: 1.2m
  • STRENGTH - The woven rope design creates a strong durable leash for even the biggest canines.
  • FUNCTIONALITY - The metal locking carabiner clip gives increased security to its tether point.
  • COMFORT - The rope handle design gives a comfortable secure gripping point.
  • STYLE - The Fenrir Ragnar Leash comes in matte black with the Fenrir logo branded on it to give you a comfortable, functional, and stylish leash.


This dog leash is a must have for canine leadership!

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