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Fenrir Socialisation Masterclass

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Welcome to our easy to use, 30 day socialisation programme for your puppy or older dog. Maybe you’re unable to socialise your dog to as many things as you want due to working long hours, perhaps Coronavirus lockdowns have impacted your socialisation plans or if you just want to introduce your puppy or older dog to a wide variety of sights and sounds, this could be the course for you. Our Socialisation Masterclass uses a video based socialisation approach to introduce your dog to 30 different classifications of sights and sounds, helping them to get used to a wide variety of noises and become a well-rounded perfect canine companion.

Breed Suitability: All

Age Suitability: All

Equipment Needed: TV or Screen

Whether you have an older dog or a puppy, this 30-day programme of video based socialisation will introduce your pet to a huge number of new sights and sounds, with an 8 hour loop of video footage that gradually increases in volume throughout the day as they become more acclimated. Combined with further relationship building and exploration together during exercise, the course will make for a well socialised companion. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • 240 Hours: 5 hours per day of video based socialisation
  • Variety of Sounds: We’re talking farmyards, building sites, fireworks, vehicles, other dogs and many more.

Thanks for checking out our course. We really believe it is a great socialisation tool for your pet and provides you the comfort of knowing they’re being introduced to a wide variety of things. Enrol today to start your dog on their journey to becoming a well-socialised and well-rounded canine companion.




Tutor Introduction


The Importance of Socialisation

Leadership, Relationship, Communication

Should This Course Replace In Person Socialisation?

How To Use This Course, Housekeeping and Safety

Socialisation Videos

Day 1 - Cars

Day 2 - Fireworks and Explosions

Day 3 - Farmyard Animals

Day 4 - People

Day 5 - Busses

Day 6 - Home Appliances

Day 7 - Pets

Day 8 - Vets

Day 9 - Motorbikes

Day 10 - Random Sounds

Day 11 - Random Vehicles

Day 12 - Uniforms and Costumes

Day 13 - Bikes

Day 14 - Weather

Day 15 - Garbage Trucks And Industrial Vehicles

Day 16 - A Day Out In The City

Day 17 - Postage Service

Day 18 - Playgrounds And Parks

Day 19 - Sports And Outdoor Events

Day 20 - Large Crowds

Day 21 - Planes And Helicopters

Day 22 - Children

Day 23 - Emergency Vehicles And Staff

Day 24 - A Day Out In Nature

Day 25 - Animals You Might See On A Walk

Day 26 - Boats

Day 27 - Tractors

Day 28 - A Day At The Beach

Day 29 - Trains

Day 30 - People And Emotions



If you don’t see any improvement in your dog’s behaviour after using this course we will refund the full amount no questions asked.


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