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Are You Ready for a Puppy?

Are you thinking about getting a new puppy? Are you excited? You’ve been researching breeds and reading books. You’ve been thinking about it for weeks. The kids are on board and so is your spouse.

Or maybe.. You’re not so sure.   Maybe your kids want a puppy. It’ll be so cute. They promise they’ll take good care of it! They won’t ask for any birthday or holiday gifts for the rest of the year! And, all of those other things kids promise when they’re trying to convince you something.

But, do those things make you ready? What does having a puppy actually mean in reality?

While this quiz isn’t a definitive guide and you’ll want to learn more and do more research, it should help you ask some of the questions you may not have considered before.

When we think of puppies, we think of lots of play time and cuddles. We think of all the toys we need to buy and the cute accessories.   There’s nothing quite like picking out a new leash and harness for your new best friend. Maybe you’ve even gotten everything in your favourite colour.

You’re ready for all of the cute moments. You’re ready to take photos and share them with friends. You’re ready to give your new companion a name and love them.

But, are you ready for a puppy?

They’re much more than cute moments and unconditional love. They’re work and that work isn’t always easy.

Do you have time for training? And not just “sit, stay.” There’s potty training, crate training, training to help curb separation anxiety in some cases.

Are you prepared and financially stable? There are a lot of vet visits at first. They need shots and boosters. They may need spayed or neutered. After that, there’s yearly visits. There might be surprise medical expenses. Not to mention, before all that, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a puppy from a reputable breeder to minimise health problems.

Can you give your puppy the time they need and deserve? All of that training takes time. You’ll need to be home with them or you’ll need to be able to leave work on your lunch break to check in. They’ll still need to be cared for even when life gets busy.

So, really ask yourself if you’re truly ready for the commitment you’ll be making. And, not just you. Is your family on board and ready to make the commitment as well? Everyone needs to be on board with puppy training.

And, if you’re still not quite sure if you’re ready for a puppy… Well, take our quiz! It’s quick, easy, and only ten questions.