Fenrir Puzzle Bowl

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The Fenrir Puzzle Bowl slows down even the quickest of eaters using its unique Fenrir shape and carefully designed ridges.

This slow feeding bowl reduces the risk of bloat, regurgitation and canine obesity. Made with a non slip base and easy clean moulded plastic. The Fenrir Puzzle Bowl comes in a stylish matte black and holds up to 1400ml (over 5 and a half cups!) of food or water. 


Key Features:

  • EXPERT APPROVED - Designed by world renowned canine behaviourist William Atherton to be the ultimate puzzle bowl Every product sold at Fenrir is designed and tested by our lead canine behaviourist to maximise functionality, comfort and style
  • SLOWS DOWN EATING - The unique Fenrir shape and carefully designed pattern mean that even the quickest eaters will be slowed by this bowl
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT - The challenge of the puzzle bowl provides mental stimulation for your dog, giving their brain plenty of exercise
  • HEALTH FIRST - The Fenrir Puzzle Bowl slows down your dog’s eating reducing the likelihood of issues like bloat and preventing gulping
  • RUGGED AND DURABLE - BPA free and featuring non-slip feet and made from hard wearing, easy to clean plastic that is dishwasher safe
Fenrir Puzzle Bowl
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