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How to Wrap Gifts for Your Dog

fenrir canine leaders how to wrap gifts for your dog

It’s Christmas time and you’re probably wrapping gifts for everyone you know.  Friends, family, coworkers, and even your dog.  There are some things to consider, so we’re going to go over how to wrap gifts for your dog.

Some of it is the same as wrapping things for your human friends.  You’ll want boxes, wrapping paper, and of course gifts!

Considerations are going to include making sure things are nontoxic and edible.  The goal isn’t to have your dog eat the box or wrapping that their gift is in, but they will need to use their mouth to open it.

This will ensure a safe and stress free Christmas for everyone.

Today, we’ll be focusing on how to wrap gifts for your dog.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Wrap Gifts for Your Dog

In order to keep your dog safe while unwrapping their gift, you want to forgo using tape.  The tape we normally use in gift wrapping is made of plastic and has an adhesive backing.  Both of which your dog should not ingest.

Thankfully, there are ways to wrap gifts without using any tape.  If you’re familiar with origami, you might be familiar with this style of gift wrapping already. 

If you’re new to it, that’s okay.  It’s not too difficult and you’ll be a master in no time.

Measure Your Gift Box

Use a ruler or a measuring tape and measure the long side of the box. 

Then measure how tall the box is.  Multiply this number by two.

Add both of these numbers together and that’s the length of gift wrap you will need to cut from your roll.

If your box is square, you only need to measure one side of the box, because they’re all the same.

Cut Your Gift Wrap

Using the measurement from your last step, you’ll cut a large square of wrapping paper.

All four sides should be the same length.  Even if your box is a rectangle, you will want to cut a large square of wrapping paper.

This is your “origami paper” to wrap the gift in.

Centre Your Gift Box

Make sure you have a large flat surface to wrap your gift on.  Place the paper pattern side down.

Next, place the gift box in the centre of the paper with the top facing down.

Finally- and most importantly- rotate the gift box so that the corners of the wrapping paper are centred with the flat edges of the box.

fenrir canine leaders how to wrap gifts for your dog begin wrapping your dogs gift

Begin Wrapping Your Dog’s Gift

If you’re wrapping a rectangular box, you’ll want to do one of the long sides first.

Fold the corresponding corner of paper over the edge of the box.  The corner should lay in the centre of the box.

Then crease the paper along the edge of the box it’s laying over.

Make a Pocket for the Final Step

Next, you’re going to fold in the side flaps.

You’ll find that when you fold both of your side flaps in, they’ll lay over the first flap and come together to make a small V-shaped pocket.
Once again, be sure to run your fingers over the edge of the box to help everything stay in place.

If you need to, you can find something to use as a small paper weight while you start the next step.

Finish Wrapping Your Dog’s Gift

Bring your last flap over.  It will lay across the top of everything else.

Run your finger over the edge of the box like you have in previous steps.

Instead of leaving the flap as is, you’re going to stick it into the pocket created in the last step.  It should sit under the two side flaps, but on top of the first paper flap.

That’s it. You did it!

Your gift should stay wrapped without tape, ribbon, or glue.  

Use Bags Instead of Boxes for Your Dog’s Gift

Maybe you prefer bags to boxes.  That’s okay.

There are plenty of online tutorials and videos to show you how to turn gift wrap into bags.

You can learn how to do so without any tape or glue, just like with wrapping a box.

It can be a fun alternative to boxes, especially if your dog already enjoys playing with things like paper bags from the grocery store.

fenrir canine leaders how to wrap gifts for your dog how to make opening gifts easier

How to Make Opening Wrapped Gifts Easier for Your Dog

Your dog doesn’t have hands or thumbs to help them open their gift and may find it a little challenging to do so.  

In order to make things easier and more enjoyable for them, you can wrap the gift more loosely.  This will give them something to grab onto and in order to start tearing open the gift wrap.

If you want to make sure the gift wrap is secure but still easy to open, leave a small corner ripped for them.  Think of it as a pull tab to give them a place to start.

Your dog may be brand new to gift opening and not understand what they’re supposed to do.  In this case, leave an entire end of the gift open for them.  You can encourage them to play with the paper or sniff out the box.

You may even consider wrapping the box but leaving the top open for your dog.  They might even enjoy the box as much as the gift!

fenrir canine leaders how to wrap gifts for your dog include some treats

Include Some Treats When You Wrap Your Dog’s Gift

A few of their favourite dry treats can go a long way.

Place them in the box with the gift before wrapping.  Not only will they help entice your dog into opening their gift, but they’ll get a tasty treat once they do get their box open.

You can also use some treats as a gift.

Place a couple of treats in a small box and then place the smaller box in a larger box before wrapping.  This can be a fun way to enrich your dog over the holiday season. 


We hope you’ve found this tutorial on how to wrap gifts for your dog helpful.  

It’s our goal to make this holiday season enjoyable for every member of your family including your favourite canine companion.

Do you have a favourite gift wrapping tutorial that you use every year?  Is there something your dog finds extra enjoyable about wrapped gifts?

Come over to our social media page and share with us.  We can’t wait to hear from you.

FAQs About How to Wrap Gifts for Your Dog

Is it safe for dogs to receive wrapped gifts?

Yes.  As long as all materials used are nontoxic and safe for them to ingest. You’ll want to consider things like edible wrapping paper, no tape, and no ribbon.

Is Edible Wrapping Paper Good for Dogs?

Edible wrapping paper can be a fun and safe option for dogs, especially if they're likely to chew or tear through regular wrapping paper. It's designed to be digestible and free from harmful substances. However, it's still important to supervise your dog while they're unwrapping gifts to ensure they don't ingest large pieces that could cause choking or gastrointestinal blockages. As with any treat, edible wrapping paper should be given in moderation. If you're unsure or your dog has dietary restrictions, it's best to consult with your veterinarian before using edible wrapping paper.

Can I reuse wrapping paper from dog gifts?

Yes, but only if it is free of debris, saliva, or other substances that can potentially mould or degrade the wrapping paper. In general, you will not want to reuse edible wrapping paper as it is water soluble, so it will begin to melt if your dog has had it in their mouth.

Should I include treats in my dog's wrapped gift?

Including treats in your dog's wrapped gift is a great idea! It not only entices them to open the gift but also provides an additional surprise and reward once they've unwrapped it.

What's the benefit of using treat-filled gifts for dogs during the holidays?

Treat-filled gifts can provide mental stimulation and enrichment for your dog during the holiday season. They keep your dog engaged and excited while offering tasty rewards, making the gift-giving experience even more enjoyable for them.