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Why Not All Poo Bags Are Created Equally

why not all poo bags are created equally

Every dog owner is familiar with needing to keep some sort of baggie for when their canine companion needs to do their business. Parks may even have dedicated stations with a trashcan and bags available.

Some owners opt for specifically designed bags that can be purchased online or at pet stores. Others reuse their plastic grocery bags.

Did you know that ten percent of plastic waste worldwide ends up in waterways? There are 13 million dogs in the UK and it takes roughly 10 billion of those single use bags every year to pick up their waste.

If just 10% of those end up in waterways: that’s 100 million bags of poo.

As the world becomes more conscious of this issue and single use plastic, companies are looking for solutions to the problem.

Did you know that biodegradable bags are now available? They break down with sunlight or water depending on the material and do so much more quickly than single use plastic.

Our solution to this is our very own Poo Bags.

They’re biodegradable, but what else makes them better than the traditional options?  

We’ll explore below and see what makes this Fenrir product so great!

Traditional Plastic Poo Bags

Most of us are familiar with traditional plastics. They’re our grocery bags, trash can liners, doggy bags, and so much more.  

You see plastics in things such as storage containers and packaging as well.

However, traditional plastic isn’t the best choice for the environment. It has a few major downfalls that have really come to light as we have become more conscious of our impact on the environment.

Don’t Breakdown

Did you know it can take up to 500 years for a plastic bag to degrade naturally? Even once it breaks down, it continues to exist as microplastic that circulates through the environment.

Even after a thousand years, that plastic poo bag is still going to be hanging around in the form of microplastics.

Traditional poo bags also crowd landfills and force us to make more room for our garbage more quickly.

Pollute the Environment

Plastic bags don’t break down and this means they pollute the environment.  

Microplastics absorb toxins and can leach them out into other places like groundwater, rivers, lakes, and even the ocean.

Not only that, but plastic is a danger to animals before it breaks down. They choke on it or get caught in it. Both can lead to death.

You’re probably most familiar with sea turtles as an example of this. They get stuck in the plastic rings around soda cans, but they aren’t the only ones at risk.  

Birds, fish, squirrels, and any other creature that are hungry or curious can be at risk.

Large Carbon Footprint

One plastic bag may not have a large energy requirement for production, but what about millions of them? A one use plastic bag must immediately be replaced, so the manufacturing never stops.

Traditional plastics are also made out of crude oil that must be refined down before it can be turned into plastic. This makes for a long process that uses a lot of energy and generates a lot of pollution.

Benefits of Biodegradable Poo Bags

So, what makes biodegradable bags so much better than traditional style plastic? Let’s take a look!

Breaks Down Quickly

It only takes about three to six months for a biodegradable plastic bag to decompose. This is much faster than traditional plastic.

This means it won’t stick around in the landfill for long at all and we don’t need to expand as quickly.

Easier on the Environment

Due to the fact that these types of plastics break down quickly and don’t leave microplastics behind, they are much easier on the environment.

They won’t leech pollutants into the ground or water sources.

Animals are also much less likely to encounter them in their natural habitats and won’t try and ingest them or have a chance to get tangled up.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

The process for creating these biodegradable plastics is also different from the traditional method.  

They require less energy overall and less pollution happens as part of the process.

Make the Switch to Biodegradable Poo Bags

Making the switch is as easy as, well, buying biodegradable bags!

You probably pick up one or two bags of poo a day and most people have more than one dog. This means you could be picking up anywhere between seven to fourteen bags a week per dog.

By switching over to biodegradable poo bags, you lessen your impact on the environment and they don’t cost you any extra compared to a traditional bag.

Investing in Fenrir Poo Bags

Our bags aren’t just biodegradable. They’re made to be tough during use while remaining easy on the environment.

100% Leak Proof

Cheap plastic or repurposed plastic grocery bags aren’t leak proof. There may be a hole you didn’t notice or a seam could split.

It’s important to us that our bags don’t leak.

You won’t always be lucky enough to have a trash can nearby while you’re out walking. You might need to carry your baggie with you until you get home.

There are pouches made specifically for carrying poo bags while on the go, that lock in the smell, but that doesn’t keep a bag from leaking or splitting.

By providing a leak proof bag that can be tied shut, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up another mess.


Most poo bags aren’t designed to handle big messes, but we’ve made sure you’ll have plenty of space to pick up after your dog regardless of size.   They’re 18x12x34cm for even the toughest of messes.

It also means you’ll only need one bag to clean up the mess no matter what. You won’t need two bags to keep after your large dogs any longer.

That means less plastic used overall which is better for the environment and you won’t need to buy bags as often. It’s a win-win situation.

Large Handle

Our bags come with a built-in handle. This makes carrying the bags easier, but it also means you can tie them shut after they're full.

You no longer need to worry about trying to knot a bag shut without dropping it or the bag ripping.

Keep some peace of mind out on walks without having to worry about a bag leaking until you find a place to discard it.

Thin but Durable

Our bags are thin, but durable enough to do everything stated above.  

They’re only 15 microns thick. That’s 0.015mm!

This makes them easy to store and carry wherever you and your dog are travelling to. You can keep them in your bag, a holder, the glove compartment of your car, and anywhere else you may need them.

Subscription Service

You get 120 bags per roll and can even sign up for a subscription, so that you never run out of poo bags when you need them most.

You can sign up to have them reordered every month, 2 months, or 3 months. Best of all, you’ll save 15% by signing up for this automatic reorder service!


We hope you’ve found this post educational. Plastics are a heavily debated topic at the moment and all of the information going around can be so overwhelming.

It can feel like you aren’t doing enough on your part, but even the smallest of switches like this one can help.

Don’t forget to set up your subscription to our Poo Bags today!

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on our product as well, so make sure you reach out to us on social media.