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Are You Ready for a Rescue Dog?

Have you ever gone to the animal shelter just for a visit and one of the dogs there really tugs on your heart strings? Those big, puppy dog eyes make you want to take them home with you and you start planning out in your head how it would look.

Maybe your kids have been asking for a dog and you want to give an abandoned canine a second chance. Afterall, there are a bunch of wonderful dogs who need a home already and puppies can be a lot of extra work.

But, rescue dogs can come with their own set of unique challenges you may not have considered. Maybe you think you're ready, but there are a few important questions you’ve accidentally overlooked when asking yourself what you’ll need.

We have just the quiz for you.   It isn’t a definitive guide, and you should certainly do some more research to make sure you really are ready, but we hope it’ll steer you in the right direction.

The biggest and most important question you should ask yourself is why you want to rescue a dog. This can be a lot more important of a factor than we think. Though we can’t tell you you’re reasoning, we can tell you there are good and bad reasons if you really sit and think about them. It's an amazing thing to rescue a dog and we absolutely encourage it where possible, you just need to make sure it's for the right reasons and that you're prepared in case things get difficult.

Some rescue dogs have behavioural challenges that caused them to be dropped off at the shelter. Are you ready for that? They may have separation anxiety. Maybe they’re reactive on a leash or bark at every little thing. Perhaps they don’t do well with children or in loud households.

Can you afford a behavioural specialist if there are problems you can’t correct at home? Are you willing to seek out professional help? Or do you want to train at home to save money?

Another thing to consider is vet visits. They’ve been at the shelter, so they’re up to date on their shots as the law requires, but there may be hidden medical conditions which means hidden medical expenses. Are you prepared for those costs?

Now of course, these issues aren't exclusive to rescue dogs, and could be applied to any dog! But with rescue dogs, it can be something of an unknown, especially if their history is unclear. We would still absolutely encourage rescuing dogs where possible, you just need to be ready in case there are some additional challenges.

Will you be able to be home while your rescue dog acclimates to their new environment? If they have separation anxiety that you don’t know about or chew things up when bored, they may destroy your home while you’re away.

Not only that, but being in a new place is scary enough when someone is there to reassure you. Could you imagine being dropped off in a brand new city all by yourself? Rehoming is a stressful event, especially for a dog who’s been rehomed multiple times.

We hope this quiz helps you consider these questions and more! It’s quick, easy, and only ten questions. Take it today!