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Hammer Training Course

hammer course

We know it can be a real challenge to find good dog toys that last!

Strong chewers may gnaw through anything and it can be so frustrating. You might even feel like you’re buying the wrong types of toys or that there just isn’t a good toy out there.

The truth is: no dog toy is truly indestructible.

No matter how tough and durable a toy is, it has to have some give.

You might have a strong chewer and nothing can stand up to their bite or you might have a destructive chewer that tries to tear things up, but think about your poor dog and their teeth if the toy was truly indestructible. It would hurt and wouldn’t be very pleasant to chew on at all.

There’s always the chance bits and pieces are torn from the toy. Which is why we always recommend supervision with even the toughest of toys.

It’s better safe than sorry. Just because a material is safe for chewing, doesn’t make it safe to swallow and choking can be a hazard to keep in mind while playing with any toy.

But, durable toys also become very expensive. You can only purchase so many toys with so many functions.

With this in mind, we’ve produced the Fenrir Hammer.

It’s as indestructible as a dog toy can get and very versatile. It’s so much more than just a chew toy.

Better yet, you also get this free training course that will help you to get all of the value possible out of your Fenrir Hammer!

So, let’s take a look at some of the features of the Fenrir Hamer.

Fenrir Hammer for Heavy Duty Chewing

First and foremost, this toy was designed with heavy chewing in mind.

Sometimes, we’re just too busy to give our dogs attention and a chew toy can be a great way to keep them entertained and engaged. It’s no replacement for actual play, but we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. Everyone is busy sometimes.

Your dog also has a natural instinct and desire to chew. They need a toy they can rely on.

But, with multiple functions, it’s our hope we can cut the cost of needing to purchase a different toy for every game or need.  

Play with the Fenrir Hammer

Play is much more than just a bonding experience.

It’s also much more than physical exercise.

Did you know that boredom and excess energy can both cause destructive chewing?

If your dog doesn’t have a task to complete from you or something to wear them out during the day, they will find one. Even if it's chewing up your couch or your new pair of loafers.

By playing with your dog, you ensure they aren’t bored. Play provides mental stimulation just as much as it does physical exercise.

A tired dog is a happy dog and a nondestructive one.

With the Fenrir Hammer, you can easily up your fetch game. The design allows the hammer to bounce erratically instead of just being thrown in a straight line.

It’ll keep your dog guessing what will happen next. This is engaging and exciting. They’ll have to think about running after the hammer instead of just running after it.

It may even change directions while they’re chasing it which provides extra challenge!

For games of fetch, we recommend our mini hammer. It’ll be easier for you to throw and a little bit harder for your dog to chase down.

Of course, not all dogs are about a game of fetch. Some prefer tug-o-war.

This is also an excellent and engaging way of playing with your dog. You’re in control of what happens next and it’s your job to keep them guessing!

For this, we do recommend the larger size. Your dog can grab the head of the hammer and your hands will be free of any accidental biting or grabbing as you grip the handle.

Of course, part of the choice in toy size depends on the size of your dog!

Meal Time with the Fenrir Hammer

This is perhaps the most useful function of this toy.

For a quick, fun game, you can place dry food in the head of the hammer.

As your dog flips it around, they knock a few pieces of food out of the head of the hammer. And what dog doesn’t like getting rewarded for playing?

This can also help slow down dogs that eat too quickly!

It’s mentally stimulating to help tire out your dog and also gives them a little extra incentive for physical activity.

Though, you can take this one step further and make a “meatsicle.” This is an excellent form of play, but can also help with separation anxiety and crate training. Let’s take a look at those next!

Separation Anxiety and Crate Training with the Fenrir Hammer

You’ll probably want a few hammers for this, so that you can keep frozen treats on rotation, but let's see how crate training really works with the Fenrir Hammer in the picture.

You’ll want to get treats that your dog LOVES. What is your dog’s favourite treat ever? That’s what you’ll be using. Stuff the head of the hammer full and freeze it overnight to make your meatsicle.

You’ll want to pull it out about thirty minutes before you’re going to leave the house. Whether it's work or errands, the training is the same.

Let your dog smell and have a taste of the hammer. Then place it in the crate and lock the door, but do not let your dog in just yet.

You want them excited about getting in the crate.

They should be focused on getting something good instead of you leaving. It’s hard to be anxious when something good is coming!

Now comes the hard part.

About five minutes before you leave, you need to pretend your dog doesn’t exist. You need to become a robot.

If you talk to your dog, you’ll get them riled up and distract them from their treat. The goal here is to eliminate the cause of their anxiety. Anything that might clue them in to you leaving the house is going to trigger that response.

You want to be calm and collected the entire time and let your dog focus on what they really want at the moment.

When you’re ready to leave, let your dog in the crate so that they can get to their amazing treat. But remember, no touching or talking! The idea is your dog is focused on the hammer and not your leaving.

After a few times of this, your dog should realise that good things happen when you leave the house! Their crate is a wonderful place and they get delicious things when you leave for work and to do errands.

But, you’re probably wondering what those extra hammers were for.

Well, it takes time to freeze them, so if you have extra on hand, you have one whenever you need it.

The hammers can last hours once frozen, so ideally you’ll be home before it's thawed the whole way, then you can wash it, refill, and pop it back in the freezer, but have another ready to go.

Maybe you’ll need to go out again or maybe you’ll be home late and it won’t have time to freeze properly for use again in the morning.

Other Forms of Anxiety and the Fenrir Hammer

Similar to the positive association built with crate training, you can use the meatsicle on other occasions as well!

Does your dog get anxious over:

  • Guests
  • Fireworks
  • Sirens
  • People passing your home
  • Thunderstorms

It’s exactly the same as before, whenever the scary event is about to occur or is happening, you’ll have them go to their crate and give them their favourite treat as a distraction in the form of the frozen hammer.

Their crate should be their safe space and that’s why crate training is so important!

Giving them something tasty during those stressful events will give them something good to look forward to and eventually those dreaded events won’t be so terrible anymore.

Curbing Excessive Chewing with the Fenrir Hammer

We touched on this a little earlier, but it can be a big, big problem, so let’s take a closer look!

To better understand this issue, we need to look at why it occurs in the first place.

The number one cause of excessive chewing is lack of exercise.

Dogs need exercise and depending on the breed of dog, they may need minutes to hours and hours of play time.

In order to make sure your dog is not chewing destructively, you need to make sure they expend enough energy. Whether your dog needs twenty minutes or two hours of exercise, it’s important to meet this requirement.

When giving them a toy to chew on, they may decide that any toy is good to chew on. Which as you know, isn't true. Many toys won’t stand up to this chewing and will be instantly destroyed.

But, if you’re having an issue with your dog destroying any and all toys, we recommend not doubling, but tripling the amount of exercise your dog is getting every day. After a couple weeks of this, you should see marked improvement.

Your dog will most likely stop chewing! They’ll be tired, content, and calm after playing for the right amount of time for their energy levels.

The second most common cause of excessive chewing is lack of mental stimulation.

Your dog may be getting enough physical exercise, but what about mentally? Do they have enough to do?

If they don’t, they will find something to do.

Did you ever wonder why your dog chews things up?

Figuring out the best way to destroy and chew on something is a fun game for your dog. It fulfils their need for mental stimulation. Think of ripping up the couch as a very destructive crossword for your dog.

You can combat this by giving them a job and an appropriate thing to chew on.

Find a game that has the two of you work together. Playing or working with you is a positive outlet for your dog. It will help to build a strong bond with you and it will prevent them from choosing a more destructive game that they find fun.


All of these things combined will make for a happy, healthy dog, but not only that!

Your dog will bond with you through this type of training and these exercises. They’ll be happy to see you. They’ll be excited for their next game of fetch.

Obedience isn’t the only goal of training. It’s a bonding experience for you and your dog.

By rewarding them, you keep them excited and engaged. It’s something to look forward to.

We hope that both you and your canine companion enjoy your new Fenrir Hammer and this helped you get the most out of it!