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What is the Best Treat Pouch for Raw Food?

best treat pouch for raw food

Treat pouches are an indispensable tool of the canine leader. Whether you’re training, playing, or walking - it’s important to have rewards for a job well done! It helps to keep even the best of dogs motivated and on task.

Just like you, your dog’s diet matters.

The occasional processed treat won’t hurt, but all of those training session rewards really add up!

Store bought treats are full of fillers and calories that aren’t so great for your dog in the long run. And, with that in mind, especially with the drastic increase in dog owners feeding raw diets, many people are switching over to raw treats as well.

Though, this does come with its own set of unique challenges.

Dog treats tend to be very dry and lacking in moisture, so you won’t think twice about stuffing a handful in your pocket before a training session or any outing, but raw treats aren’t quite the same.

They contain extra moisture and tend to be softer. They’ll squish in your pocket or leave it soggy.

So, what are you to do?

You need a dedicated treat pouch that will not only allow you to carry treats with you, but that will be easy to manage during training and easy to clean afterwards.

The Best Treat Pouch Material for Raw Food

Treat pouches normally come in one of two materials. They’re either a cloth such as canvas or silicon.


Cloth pouches are the ones most people think of when they think about pouches. They’re usually relatively cheap and you can pick one up at any store. They’re normally washer safe and then need to be air dried.

This makes them accessible and pretty easy to maintain, but you do get what you pay for.

Seams may come undone over time as the fabric wears out and if they get wet, whatever treats are inside may spoil.

You may also not have time to let your pouch air dry between uses. Maybe you just needed to swap treats or rinse a spill off and weren’t ready for a big wash yet.


Next we have silicon.

These pouches tend to be a little more expensive than their cloth counterparts, but they are naturally waterproof and durable. You won’t have to worry about fabric wearing out or tearing with this.

But, most importantly, silicon is very easy to clean and dry. You can simply wash it off in the sink, dry it with a towel, and you’re ready to refill the pouch with treats immediately. There’s no waiting for this type of treat pouch to air dry.

Not only that, this naturally waterproof material won’t let your treats spoil while you’re out and about. The silicon will keep your raw food from drying out, but it won’t get soggy, because the material can’t absorb any extra moisture from the treats or the air around the pouch.

For these reasons, Fenrir Canine Leaders recommends a silicone treat pouch over a cloth one when it comes to raw food.

The Best Treat Pouch Fastener for Raw Food

The type of fastener on your treat pouch may play a bigger role in whether it’s suitable for raw treats and food than you think.

Raw food tends to be soft and moist meaning it leaves residue and bits and pieces behind we may not see. This makes some types of fasteners less than ideal when it comes to raw food and depending on how tidy you are, they won’t be suitable for normal treats either.


If you don’t enjoy crumbs or small bits and pieces, velcro certainly won’t be the way to go.

Think about all of those little fuzzies that get stuck to velcro over time when it’s on things like shoes or jackets.

Now imagine that on your treat pouch. Crumbs are a bit annoying, but could probably be cleaned out with patience and some elbow grease, but bits of moist food will work their way down into the hook and loop fasteners and become very difficult to remove.

This is the reason we don’t recommend velcro as your fastener.

Similar to drawstrings where you might have something sticky on one hand and now you have to grab the whole treat pouch in order to undo the drawstrings with the other. You don’t want to get food residue all over your bag if you can avoid it.

It will make for an unpleasant experience unless you constantly keep the outside of the pouch cleaned off.


Clasps are the second best option when it comes to raw food. You can generally undo them with one hand and avoid a mess on the outside of your treat pouch though your mileage may vary!

Sometimes clasps can be a little hard to undo one handed and you need both hands. This not only has the potential to create a mess as stated previously, but it can also get in the way of training.


It can be so important to make sure you have a free hand while out and about with your dog. You may need to keep your other hand on the leash or perhaps you’re working on hand signals.

This is why magnets are our favourite fastener to keep treat pouches closed when it comes to raw food!

They’re quick, easy, and can be undone with one hand. You don’t have to worry about pulling a drawstring in, button clasps, or dirty velcro not sticking properly.

You can easily undo the magnets with one hand and once you have your treats let the lid fall back into place. The magnets will naturally want to reconnect and close up the pouch for you. There’s no threat of spilling while out for your training session or on your walk.

This also means the outside of the pouch will stay clean and you won’t ever have to worry about trying to free up both hands to grab a reward for your dog.

Over the Shoulder or on the Belt Treat Pouch?

There’s not really a right or wrong answer when it comes to how you would like to carry your treat pouch though Fenrir Canine leads does recommend an on the belt treat pouch. An over the shoulder style one leads to the issue of needing both hands.

It may slip out of place and need to be readjusted or you have to grab it with one hand and open it with the other.

That just isn’t ideal when it comes to training.

Just as your dog’s full attention is on you during a training session, your full attention should be on your dog. That can’t happen if you have to stop and fuss with getting out treats.

So, while they may be okay for normal walks; we prefer our pouches on the belt.

It’s safe, secure, and easy to reach. All you have to do is attach it to your preferred side and you’re all set! You don’t have to worry about it sliding off your shoulder and you can easily grab a treat and get right back to training.


This combination of features makes for the perfect raw treat treat pouch.

Silicone is easy to wash and keeps treats fresh, so your dog isn’t ever without a reward, and you don’t have to worry about wear and tear along the seams.

Magnets allow for easy opening and automatic closing of the pouch. You never have to worry about mess or spills this way! Treats will always be locked on tight.

And, keeping your pouch on the belt means easy access with no fuss.

So, while there isn’t one single solution to carrying treats, we’ve kept all of this in mind to create the perfect pouch for carrying raw treats your dog will love.

It’s the Fenrir Silicone Dog Treat Pouch. Treat your dog and his treats right with this product! Whether you need a solution for carrying treats on a walk or during training sessions, this is the perfect product for you!

Buy one today and start your journey to being a better canine leader!