5 Reasons Why YOU SHOULD Get A Bernese Mountain Dog


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The Bernese Mountain dog originated in the Bern region of Switzerland and they have a long history of being one of the most versatile large dog breeds in the world. They were fitted with harnesses and pulled small carts, they were used to herd cattle, and also meant to be a family companion and watchdog on the farm.

At the turn-of-the-century when motor vehicles became commonplace, the Bernese Mountain dog breed nearly went extinct. Thanks to the dedication and passion of a handful of breeders, the breed was revived and doing well today. Because the breed was so close to extinction, today’s Bernese Mountain dogs all share many similar genetics so it's important to know that the breed needs more champions and responsible breeders to expand those bloodlines and reduce some of the health problems that the Bernese Mountain dog has.

Now let's get into today's video in my top five reasons why you should consider bringing a Bernese Mountain dog into your home.


Since they were bred to be a working dog but also family companion the Bernese Mountain dog has a medium to high energy level that you would expect from a working dog. They will do best in your home if you're able to give them a lot of physical and mental exercise as well as a bit of space to roam around a large yard. They love a job to do and will look to you for guidance on the best ways to expend their energy.


The Bernese Mountain dog is very intelligent and easily trained but because of their size, they do best with experienced canine leaders. Because they are working dog they love having a job to do so if you have a small farm or a large yard with children running around, they'll find themselves very comfortable watching over everyone. One of the reasons that the breed requires an experienced handler is they are very willing to please but have a softer personality so their feelings could be easily hurt when they stepped over a boundary they didn’t know was there. They also tend to have a longer puppyhood than many other breeds which makes them of course adorable, but their large size means that they need calm consistent leadership early on so they're easier to manage when they're larger but still have that puppy playfulness.


Because they were bred to work in the Swedish winters they have a thick coat and dense undercoat. They are a larger dog, topping out around 100 pounds and they do shed a lot. There is some variation among the breed but most of them tend to drool at least a little bit. If you're in a colder climate and don’t mind the shedding, then you'll find that the Bernese Mountain dog is a great choice for you.


Bernese Mountain dogs are very friendly breed despite their role as a watchdog on the farm. They have a calm disposition and watchful nature that makes them excellent with children. As far as guarding goes they are a wonderful watchdog and also have the size and dedication to the family needed to also act as a guard dog. They have a deep loud bark and can be very vocal alerting you to anything that is a miss early on. Their size alone makes them quite intimidating.


They are very loyal and loving with everyone in the family and tend to bond evenly with each individual. They are known for their happy-go-lucky attitude and love to be close to their people without necessarily trying to be in your lap. They have a softer personality and prefer quiet spaces and consistent leadership from every member of the family. Bernese Mountain dogs are always happy to see you love to be pet for hours on end if you’ll do it.


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