Fenrir Foraging Mat


Let the Hunt Begin:

The Fenrir Foraging Mat is the perfect tool for tiring your dog through mental stimulation whilst simultaneously slowing their eating, preventing bloat and choking.

  • EXPERT APPROVED - Designed by world renowned canine behaviourist William Atherton to be the ultimate foraging mat. Every product sold at Fenrir is designed and tested by our lead canine behaviourist William Atherton to maximise functionality, comfort and style
  • LET THE HUNT BEGIN – The Fenrir Foraging Mat encourages brain stimulation, creating problem solving and recreating the hunt for food found in nature
  • HEALTH FIRST - The Fenrir Foraging Mat slows down your dog’s eating reducing the likelihood of issues like bloat
  • DURABLE - Non slip base and hard wearing material for a premium long lasting foraging mat. Simply machine wash on a delicate setting

Dimensions: 15" x 23"

Fenrir Foraging Mat
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