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Number 10 – The Golden Retriever Right here at number 10, we have one of the most popular breeds of today, the beautiful, happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever. Extremely social and friendly towards people, these dogs make marvellous companions who are great with children. Bright, cheerful and eager for life, Golden Retrievers are wonderful dogs to have around. And they certainly do love to BE around their owners – as much as they possibly can. So, if you get one of these golden boys and girls, do not be surprised to find them nearby wherever you go in the house. Number 9 – The Doberman The sleek, athletic Doberman is our number 9 candidate when it comes to being among the most attached dog breeds in existence. On the job, this dog is a stellar performer, but at home, no family member will be safe from the Dobie’s pursuit. Its purpose: Getting to be as close to its owners as physically possible. Snuggles and cuddles on the couch are preferred, but it must, a Doberman will make do with simply attaching themselves to their people, following them like shadows. Number 8 – The Great Dane And on the number 8 spot of our list of the TOP 10 velcro dogs, we have the mighty and majestic Great Dane. Extremely tall and fearsome-looking, this breed and the term “velcro dog” seem quite contradictory – but the opposite is the case. If it was up to these gentle giants, they would spend the biggest part of their days close to their people on the couch. Much to their dismay, not many couches are big enough to hold a Great Dane in all its glory. But not to worry: These extremely affectionate dogs will make do by simply putting their behind on the furniture, whilst happily leaning into any humans whom they might find there  Number 7 – The Pug And at number 7 on our list of the TOP 10 velcro dog breeds, we have a small dog whose wrinkly face and its large, soulful eyes give him a unique and funny appearance: The pug has become very popular over the last few years as an amazingly mellow and loving companion. Pugs love people, and should you get one, it will quite happily follow you around as you go from room to room in your home. So, if you value your privacy, beware of the Pug!   Number 6 – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel If you are looking for a particularly sweet and affectionate small companion dog, then consider the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Among all the velcro dogs on our list, this is one of the most friendly, calm and easy-going ones. With their long, silky coat, these beautiful Spaniels are a joy to look at and live with.  Their calm, mellow nature makes the Cavalier King Charles the ideal pick for senior owners and families with young children. Number 5 – The Papillon On our number 5 spot, we have an immensely intelligent, beautiful as well as affectionate toy breed from France – the Papillon. This small and sweet dog with the adorable, butterfly-shaped ears will not leave your lap or your side easily: In true velcro dog fashion, it will stick to you like glue. Friendly and easy-going, Papillons are an ideal breed for novice owners and families. Number 4 – The French Bulldog And on the number 4 spot, we have the amazing and extremely popular French Bulldog. Whilst absolutely adorable, Frenchies are extremely fond of people. And of people’s attention. In many ways, they are the ultimate velcro dogs, because they seem to invent ever-new ways to GET that attention from their humans: either by ceaselessly following them around, or by clowning, playing or snorting. And if none of this helps, they will not hesitate to try growling and barking at the victims of their love-attack.  Number 3 – The Pekinese And here we are, at the TOP 3 positions on our list of the TOP 10 velcro dog breeds in the world. The Bronze Medal goes to a particularly easy-going dog who has more than earned its place on the podium: We are talking about the sweet, friendly and extremely social Pekinese. This mellow companion with its long, luxurious coat comes in a small size, but has a heart large enough to embrace everyone in the household. And it uses its short legs to tirelessly follow its favourite humans around wherever they go – inside the house, but also outside on walks. You would not expect such a small canine to be so mobile, but the Pekinese is quite motivated to stay near its human friends at all times.  Number 2 – The Italian Greyhound Here we are on the Silver Medal spot, and the dog who achieved this stellar position is an extraordinary, extremely refined and naturally well-mannered little hunter from Italy. Let’s give recognition to the smallest Sighthound breed in existence – the petite, elegant and light-footed Italian Greyhound. Looking like miniature English Greyhounds, these affectionate companions are immensely fond of their owners. Kind-hearted and always up for a snuggle on the couch, the little hounds used to be the companions of choice for Italian noblewomen in the Middle Ages.  Number 1 – The Cane Corso And here on the Gold Medal spot, we have a surprise for you – or maybe not, depending on how long you have been following our journey here on the FENRIR CANINE SHOW.  But I just could not help awarding the title “TOP velcro dog in the world” to one of my own favourite breeds. So right here, we have another Italian breed – albeit a mighty Mastiff who used to serve as war dog in the ancient Roman army. And the powerful, muscle-packed Cane Corso certainly looks fearsome enough to make people keep a safe distance. However, there are not many dogs in the world who can compete with the Corso when it comes to always finding ways to be close to their owners: snuggling up to them, leaning into them, and even pulling them in for hugs. The Cane Corso is the undisputed King of cuddles: Apart from playtime, a Corso’s favourite pastime is laying on the couch, sandwiched between its owners, with everyone touching the dog.  Of course, like for any velcro dog worth their name, active cuddling is preferred. But as long as everyone is together, these TOP velcro canines are happy.

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