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5 reasons Why YOU SHOULD GET A German Shorthaired Pointer

5 reasons Why YOU SHOULD GET A German Shorthaired Pointer


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5. Reason number 5 – You need a good hunting companion

Of all the 5 reasons why you should bring a German Shorthaired Pointer into your life, this is probably the most straightforward one. If you yourself are a passionate hunter, and you need a highly trainable and versatile dog to assist you, the German Shorthaired is an excellent choice.

This beautiful, medium to large-sized hunting dog is very easy to train, eager to please and a joy to work with. Their extremely high levels of energy and endurance make them ideal for working in the field for many hours on end. In their working attitude, these highly intelligent dogs are enthusiastic, reliable, and highly driven.

Not only is the German Shorthaired a naturally keen worker, but he is equally good on land and water. This is not a dog to give up easily on any given task – for example, when asked to search and find game, he will persevere until he is either successful – or you call him off.

In their role as hunting dogs, German Shorthaired Pointers are used for “fur and feather”, in other words, they assist in the hunt for game (like rabbits, wild boar and deer) as well as in the hunt for birds (like quails, ducks, geese or pheasant). This also means that they have been developed to be both Pointers and Retrievers. In their role as Pointers, their job is to “point” birds out to the hunter – without making a sound, and by using a characteristic rigid posture as signal for the hunter. As Retrievers, their role lies in carefully clasping shot fowl or other prey in their mouth and delivering it to the hunter undamaged. This immensely versatile breed is said be easy to handle, and to work equally well on land and in the water.

4. Reason number 4 – You want an affectionate, loyal family companion

Before we delve into reason number 4 why you should get a German Shorthaired, I just have to point out this breed’s stunning looks. - So often, I have been telling people to not select a dog based on their looks. But it is impossible not to acknowledge the sheer beauty of the German Shorthaired Pointer. Its elegant, well-muscled and athletic body speaks of great endurance and speed, and its characteristic short, often spotted, coat is a sheer joy to look at.

On top of their stunning general appearance, German Shorthaired Pointers make superb family dogs. They are especially well-suited as playmates for older children, as they can accidentally knock over younger kids due to their boisterous temperament. Curious and playful, they are always up for an outing of some kind, a nice walk or a play session. When socialized from an early age, German Shorthaired Pointers not only get along well with other dogs, but also with other pets in the household.

These loving and mellow dogs love to cuddle with their people and tend to follow them around like shadows. When exercised enough, they are very calm in the house and can be easily trained to adhere to house rules. As an added benefit, their short, smooth coats hardly get dirty or shed, and therefore require very little grooming: A weekly once-over with a firm bristle brush is more than enough.

German Shorthaired Pointers form extraordinarily strong bonds with their people and are deeply devoted to them. Therefore, even if you are working your Pointer as a hunting dog, you should allow them to live with you in the house. They are prone to separation anxiety and, left to their own devices in a kennel, can get very vocal – much to the dismay of your neighbours. But most importantly, these affectionate dogs are not suited for a lifestyle predominantly spent outdoors, away from their humans. If you allow them to share your house with you, you will be rewarded by a mellow, affectionate and devoted companion.

Reason number 3 – You love being out in nature with your dog

If you are a nature lover who likes nothing more than to spend lots of time outside, you absolutely should choose a breed that can join you on your outings. The German Shorthaired could well be the perfect active canine companion for you!

Not only are these high-energy hunting dogs bred for performance in land and water – they are also highly trainable. This means that you can easily teach them to accompany you on your bicycle rides, or mountain bike excursions. Of course, they will be just as happy to engage in trail runs with you, or to come along for hikes. If you like camping – all the better: These dogs adapt quickly to new situations and requirements. As the German Shorthaired has been bred to be a skilled Retriever, swimming comes to them quite naturally – especially when encouraged to do so at an early age. Therefore, your dog will gladly jump into the water with you, or retrieve sticks and toys for you.

The great outdoors is the natural habitat of a hunting breed like the German Shorthaired, and these dogs will absolutely enjoy exploring nature along with you.

2. Reason number 2- You are a dog training enthusiast

If you are passionate about training dogs – either professionally or just as a hobby -, then you will absolutely enjoy working with the German Shorthaired Pointer. Because it is so very versatile, this breed excels in a variety of canine activities. It goes without saying that, being a designated gundog, the breed is perfectly suited for field trials. But you can train them to perform equally well in almost any kind of other dog sports – ranging from tracking trials all the way to agility and dock-jumping.

Of course, you can also train them to be high-level companion dogs. This requires a good deal of socialization, but it is well worth the effort. Being so exceptionally adaptable, willing and eager to please, the German Shorthaired does very well in obedience-training. You can easily make such training sessions even more fun for yourself and your dog by adding in play: Simple games of fetch can be turned into formal retrieval-drills – for example, you can teach your dog to calmly hold on to the object he retrieved whist sitting still in front of you.

Perhaps you enjoy teaching your dog all kinds of tricks: playing dead, rolling over, waving their paws, sitting on their hind legs or jumping up in the air on command. Again, the German Shorthaired is quite good at adapting to new tasks, so you are guaranteed to have some fun teaching them all kinds of new commands.

1. Reason number 1 – You are an experienced owner of large hunting breeds

If you are an experienced dog handler with high levels of calm, consistent leadership, AND you have owned medium- or large sized hunting dogs before – then you definitely should consider the German Shorthaired. In appearance and temperament, they are not unlike the Weimaraner, the English Pointer or the American Foxhound. When compared to the working line- Labrador Retriever, German Shorthaired Pointers are generally more gentle and affectionate towards their owners. When compared to the more common Golden Retriever, they are far more intense and alert by nature.

All in all, the German Shorthaired is a pleasure to have around, and as an experienced owner of similar working breeds, you will greatly enjoy living with them. As a bonus, German Shorthaired Pointers make very decent watchdogs: Not only are the fairly vocal by nature, but they also tend to be reserved towards strangers. Therefore, any suspicious strangers approaching your house will usually be strongly discouraged by a good amount of loud barking.


The German Shorthaired Pointer is an amazing breed – keen and sharp on the job, yet calm and gentle in the house. These loving and affectionate companions do require quite a bit of time and dedication, but they are well worth it: As long as you provide them with the vigorous exercise they need on a daily basis, they make wonderful family companions. If any of our 5 reason why you should get a German Shorthaired resonate with you - then it might be time to start planning for bringing one these beautiful dogs into your home.


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