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Can You Guess the Dog Breed?

Do you know all about dogs and the different breeds there are?

Can you name them just by looking at them?

Are you the type that researches dog breeds for fun? You know all of the information? You know the Kennel Club standards by heart? The weight, size, and temperament are easily at hand, because you know it all?

Put that knowledge to the test!

We’ve compiled some of the rarest dog breeds for you in this quiz.

Most people know the basics. They can tell a greyhound from a golden retriever. A german shepherd is pretty obvious. They all have very iconic looks and when a person thinks of them, they think of certain traits.

Greyhounds are known for racing and how fast they can run. They’re sleek and agile.

Golden retrievers are known for being great family pets now, but most people know they were used to retrieve game during hunting originally. They can have long or short hair.

German shepherds are known for being protective and loyal. Their coat pattern and pointed ears give them away.

If you saw a chihuahua in public, you would know it by sight or perhaps by its yipping.

What about the rare breeds though?

There’s the Spanish bulldog. They don’t look like your typical bulldog though. Most of us think of the French or English bulldog. Those short and stout fellows. The Spanish bulldog looks much more like a boxer than those who share a similar name.

What about the double nosed tiger hound? They’re used to hunt down jaguars! That’s no easy feat for anyone. That’s one big cat to handle.

There are so many amazing breeds out there that aren’t known world wild. Some aren’t even known outside of their country of origin. That’s just how rare they are!

Despite globalisation, awareness, and love for dogs, there’s still a lot to learn and a lot we don’t know.

So, how about you put those skills to the test with our quiz?

It’s quick, fun, and educational. Maybe you'll even fall in love with a new breed of dog along the way.