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Dog Breeder Evaluation Quiz

fenrir canine leaders dog breeder evaluation quiz

Welcome to the Dog Breeder Evaluation Quiz

Are you in the process of finding a new canine companion and want to ensure that you're choosing a responsible and ethical breeder? Our Dog Breeder Evaluation Quiz is here to guide you through this important decision. Selecting the right breeder is crucial not just for finding a healthy, well-socialised puppy, but also for supporting ethical breeding practices. This quiz is designed to be your ally in assessing breeders, whether you're browsing their website or having a direct conversation with them.

How It Works

The Dog Breeder Evaluation Quiz consists of a series of thoughtful questions and key considerations that reflect the practices of responsible breeding. From health screenings and breeding ethics to the living conditions of the puppies, this quiz covers various aspects that are indicators of a breeder's commitment to the welfare of their dogs and the breed as a whole. By answering these questions while reviewing a breeder's website or during a conversation with them, you can gain valuable insights into their breeding philosophy and practices.

This tool is an essential resource for any prospective dog owner. It not only helps in making an informed decision but also promotes the welfare of dogs by encouraging the support of breeders who adhere to the highest standards of care and ethics. Let the Dog Breeder Evaluation Quiz be your guide to finding a breeder who truly has the best interests of their dogs and the breed at heart.

Initial Research: 

Before you contact any dog breeder you should do some initial research: 

  • Get a general idea for the breed standard and what the dog is supposed to look like.
  • What colours are accepted in the breed?
  • Are there any disqualifiers?
  • What is the breed's temperament supposed to be according to the standard?
  • What job is that breed supposed to be doing? Is it a guard dog, herding dog, companion breed?
  • Make a List of Common Health Issues in your chosen breed
  • Learn how to do a Google Image Search