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Raw Food Masterclass Course Calculators

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Remember this is always a starting point, if your dog needs to lose some weight drop it down a bit, if he needs to gain some weight bump it up a bit. If you dog is very lazy then drop it down a bit, if your dog is a very active working dog then bump it up a bit. All dogs are different and as high level canine leaders we need to be flexible and make adjustments as needed.

How to use these calculators

Step 1. You need to work out your dogs total DAILY required amount of food, using either the first or second calculator for adult dogs or puppies, depending on the age of your dog.

Step 2. When you have your total amount, for example, 3 pounds of food required each day for an adult dog weighing 150 pounds, you put the total amount into the ratio calculator. The ratio calculator you use depends on weather you are in the transition stage, or the post transition stage. This calculator will break down how much of each food type you need to feed your dog DAILY.

Step 3. You then need to simply divide that by the amount of meals you are feeding your dog. For example, using the same 150 pound adult dog post transition who needs 3 pounds of food per day is broken down into 2.4 pounds of lean muscle meat, 0.3 pounds of organ meat and 0.3 pounds of bones. If you were feeding that dog 2 meals a day, that would be 2 meals including 1.2 pounds of lean muscle meat, 0.15 pounds of organ meat and 0.15 pounds of bones to get the total of 3 pounds of food per day in the perfect ratios.