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What type of dog owner are you?

There’s no right or wrong way to answer this question. There are a lot of different ways to live with and interact with your dog. Part of your style depends on your personality and temperament.

Sometimes we question ourselves and how we handle situations that pop up in day to day life. Just because you handle something differently than someone else doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Perhaps you have a more gentle approach. You correct your dog, but you’re never stern. Being too firm feels unnatural to you.

That’s okay!

You might not be looking for the perfect guard dog that needs firm guidance.

Those looking for a good guard dog will adopt a different way of interacting than those looking for a family pet. They have different goals in mind and it’s important to keep those goals in mind while living with your dog.

It doesn’t make either pet parent wrong or one better than the other. They are just two different types of dog owners.

Do you like to spoil your dog? Do they get birthday and holiday gifts?

Or, are you one of those owners that skips those extra gifts? Perhaps they just feel weird to you. You still take good care of your dog and they have everything they could ever want and need, but you skip out on those things that are normally for friends and family.

Some people are also more naturally anxious than others and that leads to a different relationship between human and dog. Think about how you normally react when you and your dog see a new dog out in public.  

You may be the type that gets excited and lets your dog run over to greet someone new or you may be more cautious. You call your dog to pay attention to you and walk by unphased. Afterall, being better safe than sorry is for the best sometimes.

No matter what kind of dog owner you are, it's important to remember that this quiz is just for fun! We’ll take the biggest characteristics and simplify them down to get you an answer.

Who knows? You might even learn something new about yourself.  

This quiz is quick and will only take you a few minutes. Share it with friends and don’t forget to share with us on social media!