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The 3 Different Types of Dog Leashes

the three different types of leashes and how they are used

When you get a dog, there are a few things you know that you need to have in your arsenal. Things like food, food and water bowls, toys, a bed, and a crate are all likely going to be at the very top of your list. However, something that you may not consider that is just as important is a good leash.

Having a good leash—and using that leash—is important for your dog’s success. Walking nicely on a leash is vital for your dog to be able to go out and enjoy parks, go on walks, and generally spend time outside in the sun.

The best dog leashes are made for heavy, everyday use for a reason, and that’s to get your dog outside and do something fun! With different types of dog leashes, like training leashes and slip leashes, you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for you and your dog’s needs.

Leash Training Your Dog is Important

Leash training your dog is so monumentally important to your dog’s day-to-day life and the experiences that they can have. Even the best dog leashes can’t correct poor puppy behaviour, so knowing how to walk on a leash can make walking your dog so much easier.

Leash training is vital training for dogs for a variety of reasons. If your dog doesn’t know how to walk on a leash, it can easily hurt itself or others as it tries to pull away from you. Leashes can pull against your dog’s neck leading to bruising or serious injury if your pup keeps pressure on its neck.

Poor leash training is also dangerous for you as the owner. This is especially true if you have larger, heavier dogs. The best dog leashes make sure that your dog is securely on the line, but if they decide to pull away or pull too harshly, you could end up hurt.

Or, if your dog is significantly larger or heavier than you, a good tug on the leash from a poorly trained dog could send you to the ground in an instant. Leashes are a tool, and good training is essential.

Proper leash training can help you to avoid issues in the future. Plus, having your dog be leash trained always works to everyone’s benefit around you—not just your dog’s.

Training Leashes

Training leashes are meant to be versatile tools that help solve a variety of problems. After all, it is a training leash! You can’t do much training if it only performs one certain function. Our Ragnar Training Leash is a great example.

Our training lead is longer than a standard leash so it can be used in six different ways.

There is over the shoulder for those of us with larger dogs. This will help you keep some extra leverage while out on walks. Especially if you have a dog who likes to tug. You won’t have to worry about dropping the lead either!

Around the waist is another hands free configuration. It will allow you to have both hands free. This is especially important when working on hand signals or when a quick reward is necessary. Afterall, it can be difficult to fumble with a leash and try to get into your treat pouch.

The small handle configuration gives you a longer line for your dog. Maybe you’re out exploring and your dog needs room to roam or perhaps you're working on recall. In either case, a long lead gives you space to work and your dog room to run around!

On the reverse side there’s the large handle configuration. This gives you a shorter leash and keeps your dog closer. This is definitely important for walking in crowded areas or close to roads. It will keep your dog close to your side and safe.

And, you might be wondering what that extra clip on the other end of the leash is for. Well, it serves two purposes!

The first use is as a second clip point for our Ragnar harness. This gives you more control and stability while out on walks. It will help keep pulling to a minimum since pressure is spread out and not across your dog’s chest.

The second use is for walking two dogs at once! It can be difficult handling two leads at once, so this cuts that number in half! You can walk twice the dogs with half the leashes.

So, as you can see, training leads are a great, versatile option for everyday training and just for walks.

Slip Leashes

Having a slip leash for your dogs is a great investment if you need a little extra support on the go or don’t have a collar on your dog.

They are the most versatile of all dog leashes and leads and are a great tool to use when training your dog or in the case of an emergency and you don’t have a collar on hand to hook a regular dog leash to.

A slip leash for dogs is unique from other leashes because of its design. They’re designed to tighten with more tension on the lead and loosen with less tension. In short, the more your dog pulls on a slip lead, the tighter it becomes. Like the Fenrir Ragnar Slip Leash.

Slip leashes are also very easy to use.

You don’t need a collar; instead, you hook the looped end of the slip leash over your dog’s head and slightly tighten the lead. That’s it! You’ve got an easy, on-the-go leash that doesn’t require a collar and can be used in a pinch.

Regular Dog Leashes

While training leashes and slip leashes are great options for your dog, there’s nothing that can beat a regular dog leash. With a standard length and a hook to latch onto your pup’s collar, there’s a reason that these have been the best dog leashes for decades.

A regular dog leash isn’t fancy, but it has everything you need to get your pup out and active.

Having a properly leash-trained dog means that you can easily go on walks or runs, visit pet stores, and head on trips and other adventures without having to worry about if your dog can handle it or behave accordingly.

Having your dog on a leash in public areas also makes them look much more approachable and friendly to others. A well mannered dog isn’t going to accidentally run up to someone and spook them or other animals while out and about. Having a leash is an all-around easy way to help keep track of your dog when you’re outside of your home.

The Ragnar Dog Leash is a great addition to your leash collection. This leash is the standard leash but with extremely durable rope and a comfortable handle for all of your needs. Plus, it adds a flexible element to the leash to ensure that your dog stays comfortable as he wears it.


So, now that you know a little more about the different types of leads and what they’re for, why don’t you give one of ours a try?

Fenrir Canine Leaders take pride in our products for your furry friend. We know more than anyone how much your dog can become a member of your family, and how much they mean to you.

You want what’s best for your dog, and so do we. That’s why we have created our products with the safety, security, and comfort of your dog in mind.

If you’re interested in seeing what we have to offer, check out our leash collection today!